The teams

Teams of 5-7 people will be selected from a diverse mix of first and second year MBA candidates, in order to create the balance best capable of delivering the project.

Additionally, each team will be mentored by an experienced entrepreneur. Some of the people we currently work with:

Frank Malek – Technology entrepreneur and investor with experience in building and scaling global businesses. Expert in IoT, big data, mobile and networking.

Damien Jacquinet – Damien is a successful entrepreneur in the materials industry. Post-exit, he became an active business angel in various startups and invests is real estate, manufacturing and multiple other industries. He also sits on various boards of directors.

Sadie Raney – Sadie is a serial entrepreneur, most recently she is CFO of a fast growing digital currency market place. She has vast experience in early stage and growth companies, finance, and strategy.

Gabriel Bestard – Gabriel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO for hire and has worked with multiple early stage and growth startups. He specializes in customer engagement and market fit and getting products into the hands of customer.

Carmelita Rodriguez Torvisco – is a seasoned executive in the healthcare industry, particularly pharma. She mentors our healthcare startups in customer journey mapping and product validation.

Andy Rapkin – Andy is a successful entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry. Post-exit, he became an active business angel for early stage startups across a broad industrial spectrum. He sits on several boards of directors and actively mentor several companies.

Furthermore, a series of workshops (available to both students and participating entrepreneurs) will be hosted, aimed to enhance some of the startup-specific skills that will be beneficial for the project teams.

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