The teams

Teams of 4-8 students will be selected from a diverse mix of first and second year MBA students, in order to create the balance best capable of delivering the project. Examples of the types of profiles that may be included, below:

Team members will operate under defined roles and will be led by a dedicated project manager, whose job is to keep the project moving forward effectively and to ensure that the team is moving in the direction that delivers maximum benefit for the company.

Additionally, each team will be mentored by an experienced entrepreneur. Some of the people we have worked with in the past have included:

  • Frank Malek – Technology entrepreneur and investor with experience in building and scaling global businesses. Expert in IoT, big data, mobile and networking.
  • Steve Haslett – Angel investor and advisor to multiple early-stage high-tech companies. Professor of entrepreneurship at INSEAD.
  • Alexander Zak – Ex-McKinsey trainer, business advisor and professor in entrepreneurship, innovation and marketing at UCSD.
  • Stephen Dunn – Managing Director at Neuroelectrics and former MD at Starlab, with15 years of experience in translating R&D into real world tech, specialising in machine learning and medical devices.
  • Chuck Ehredt – Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of CurrencyAlliance and business angel investor in 23 companies to date.

Furthermore, a series of workshops (available to both students and participating entrepreneurs) will be hosted, aimed to enhance some of the startup-specific skills that will be beneficial for the project teams.

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