The programme

The programme

Each of the two phases will be a 2+ month collaboration between the product inventors and their bespoke IESE MBA team. During the autumn strategy phase of the programme, indicative timeline shown below, the team will perform and deliver:

  • Market analysis – Who should the target market be? How big is the market? What is the competitive landscape?
  • Strategy analysis – How can we reach the target consumer? How can we differentiate ourselves in order to compete in the market? How should the company position itself in order to continue to stay ahead?
  • Gap analysis – Who and what do we need in order to fulfil the competitive strategy?

TimelineThe spring implementation phase will be slightly more bespoke to the needs of the company, and will be defined in detail by the project teams on launch.

Both phases of the programme will be supported by a series of Saturday workshops that aim to deliver some startup-specific skills to both the teams and entrepreneurs. These will be targeted based on predicted and arising skills gaps.

An indicative programme is shown below:

Programme 1

How do the teams work?