The program

The programme

The BTTG program has two possible Tracks:


For selected participants, BTTG will include support in the development and commercial validation of your idea at no-cost (€0). *Only applies to BIST members or university research labs.

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TRACK 2 (€3000 participation fee)

In Track 2, selected participant teams will receive all of the benefits and services provided in Track 1, plus access to entrepreneurship training, an exclusive network of entrepreneurial and legal expert mentorship and an investor pitch event at the end of the program. The cost of Track 2 is €3.000 for participating teams.

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Overall, the program will be a 3 month collaboration between the product inventors and their bespoke IESE MBA team. The work-packages will be decided collaboratively within the project teams and will look to meet individual bespoke needs of the companies/projects. Some examples include:

  • Market analysis – Who should the target market be? How big is the market? What is the competitive landscape?
  • Strategy analysis – How can we reach the target consumer? How can we differentiate ourselves in order to compete in the market? How should the company position itself in order to continue to stay ahead?
  • Gap analysis – Who and what do we need in order to fulfil the competitive strategy?
  • Commercial validation
  • Customer engagement

If you have any questions about which Track is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Track 1 is only offered to university or non-profit teams. All participating teams coming directly for established private or public corporations will automatically apply for Track 2.

How do the teams work?