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Dapcom Data Services

DAPCOM Data Services is a spin-off company participated by the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), currently being incubated by the European Space Agency (ESA).

DAPCOM is commercializing a lossless data compression technology. This technology was originally developed to be used in space communications, where technical requirements are very stringent, both in terms of compression ratios (how much a given amount of information can be reduced) and time (how fast can it be achieved).

This patented technology, called FAPEC (Fully Adaptive Prediction Error Coder) implements several features that make of it one of the most complete data compression solutions. It can be used in multiple scenarios, becoming an all-in-one compression solution, that either can be used in space communications or in multimedia compression or even more specialized scenarios such as medical imaging, genomics, online gaming or multispectral data compression.

The BTTG team selected two target markets for which they designed the optimal go-to-market strategies, and began to build a portfolio of potential clients in these markets.

Eurecat – Context Aware Mobile Services (CAMS) Eurecat

EURECAT is a leading private R&D center in Catalonia, with already 7 spin-offs and the authorship of 73 patents. EURECAT works closely with  he private sector by providing innovative solutions to boost the technological competitiveness.

CAMS is a back-end software solution for mobile applications in the retail, entertainment and tourism sectors. It improves the experience of the end-user when being close or at the business premises through personalized information presented on the fly on a mobile app. As example, it could be applied for improving the shopping experience at a mall or the sightseeing experience at a museum. Among other features, CAMS includes real-time proximity services based on micro-location, contextual information, user profiling and a recommender. As a strength, CAMS can be integrated with the existing applications and business intelligence processes of the customers.

The BTTG project team defined the business plan and the go-to-market strategy for the CAMS technology, and began to establish a portfolio of early adopter leads in the retail and tourism sectors.

AketneaAteknea City Air Monitoring

Ateknea provides business and technological excellence to Small and Medium-sized  Enterprises (SMEs) to develop their ideas into profitable innovative solutions.

Ateknea Solutions has offices in 6 different European cities and offers a vast engineering and scientific experience applied in diverse fields ranging from health to agriculture and ICT. Ateknea has developed for first time and thanks to a novel gas calibration and a miniature engineering work, a low-cost, reliable and portable air quality sensors for NO (or CO), NO2 and O3 (and other gases) together with temperature and relative humidity measurements.

The overall goal is to exploit and provide at a worldwide level, a dense and fast pollution mapping tool for main cities based on these sensor devices that permits to better understand the pollution in the city and define proper air quality actions. In order to achieve this goal the portable sensors – recently named Ateknea-Air City Monitoring (A2CM) sensors – will be installed in the metropolitan buses permitting a high spatial (100 meters) and temporal resolution (15 minutes – bus frequency).

The BTTG team researched customer validation for the platform’s primary target customer, city councils, in order to enhance the technology, and define the customer requirements, business model and pricing strategy.


Mitiga Solutions Image result for mitiga solutions

Mitiga Solutions is a spin-off of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, a world renowned institution with over two decades of experience in developing and implementing models in the fields of geophysics, volcanology and atmospheric science.

Mitiga’s main focus is to develop and commercialize solutions capable to evaluate and manage volcanic hazards, helping clients across multiple industries to improve their risk management.

Atmospheric dispersion of hazardous substances (e.g. volcanic ash) influences many economic markets and poses a variety of problems to the aviation industry. The presence of airborne volcanic ash at low and jet-cruise atmospheric levels compromises the safety of aircraft operations and forces re-routing of aircraft to prevent encounters with volcanic ash clouds. Past volcanic events have shown the difficulty to access to atmospheric hazard dispersal information useful for Air Traffic Management (ATM).

During the BTTG program, Mitiga sought to validate and refine the go to market strategies for three different potential client types: airlines, insurance companies and engine manufacturers.


Virtual BodyworksVBW logo

Virtual Bodyworks specializes in immersive virtual reality with applications in medical and psychological rehabilitation. The company was founded by world renowned scientists in VR and it offers products that integrate a unique combination of computer science engineering, neuroscience and psychology.

 One of its key products is VRESPECT.ME. This application lets aggressors feel like a victim on the receiving end of aggression through immersive virtual reality and embodiment, i.e. the aggressor will see, hear and feel how it is to be attacked by him or herself. This virtual experience has been specifically designed to help aggressors develop empathy and improve social behavior. VRESPECT.ME is a powerful tool for behavioral therapy professionals in for example prisons and clinics.

Next to VRESPECT.ME, Virtual Bodyworks offers several other products in the rehabilitation field and it foresees many other exciting VR applications in the future. The BTTG team helped Virtual Bodyworks to identify these areas of opportunity and to develop a go-to-market strategy. Subsequently, the leader of the BTTG team Charlie Pearmund has been hired by Virtual Bodyworks as Chief Business Officer to implement this strategy.

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