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The program is a 3 month collaboration between the product inventors and their bespoke IESE MBA team.

The program strives to help accelerate advanced technology into the market, give MBAs experience working in a startup environment, and foster relationships between IESE, MBA students, R&D centres and the local startup ecosystem.

Specifically, the program’s main objectives are the following:

  • To help accelerate innovative new technology into the market, giving it the best chance for sustainable success and therefore for making a positive impact on society and technological progress
  • To give MBAs first-hand experience of working within a startup environment, providing an invaluable training experience by complementing the project with workshops, mentorship and access to the know-how of subject matter experts from across relevant industries
  • To generate fruitful and lasting relationships between IESE, its MBA students, R&D centres and the local startup ecosystem


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