For MBA Candidates

Why participate?

  • First-hand experience of working with a high-tech startup
  • Unique chance to explore whether you would like to pursue a startup career track
  • Great opportunity to learn about what it takes to launch a venture – from idea creation to funding and from strategy to teams and commercialization
  • Possibility to develop your skills in an exciting and hands-on setting:
    • Team work: cross-cultural and interdisciplinary
    • Project management: goal setting, planning and execution
    • Analytical: go-to-market strategy, competitive analysis, gap analysis
    • Commercial: marketing and sales – strategy and execution
    • Commercial validation
    • Customer engagement
    • Communication: with entrepreneurs and fellow students, and with potential partners and customers of the startups
  • Exposure to the Barcelona high-tech startup ecosystem – sufficient opportunities to network for possible Summer Internships or post-MBA jobs
  • Exposure to world-class startup mentors
  • Chance for second-year students to lead projects and grow their leadership skills
  • Great combination of fun and learning!

What is expected?

  • Dedication and discipline to work on your BTTG project next to your studies. You are a top MBA student so the startups have high expectations of you
  • Meaningful contributions to your team and a collaborative spirit
  • Alignment with your team members and the startup about tasks and deadlines
  • Work-shop preparation and participation
  • A good sense of humour

Deliverables will depend on the bespoke needs of each participating company. Examples include:

    • Market analysis – Who should the target market be? How big is the market? What is the competitive landscape?
    • Strategy analysis – How can we reach the target consumer? How can we differentiate ourselves in order to compete in the market? How should the company position itself in order to continue to stay ahead?
    • Gap analysis – Who and what do we need in order to fulfill the competitive strategy?
    • Commercial validation
    • Customer engagement insights