What’s in it for me?

The diverse perspectives of a team of top international business school students. Targeted training workshops. Access to expert entrepreneurial business mentors.

How much does it cost?

For educational institutions, researchers, students or entrepreneurs, there is no cost for participating in this programme. For private research centers or established companies, the cost is €2,000.

How can I be sure that I am eligible?

Check out our Eligibility page. For quick reference, we accept products in the range TRL6-8.

What kind of support will I receive? How can I make sure it’ll be enough?

Nothing can guarantee the success of our programme or your business, but we will make every effort to provide a comprehensive and dedicated team that is fit for the job, and is supported by expert mentors and the teaching resources of one of the world’s top business schools.

Does this programme have an international presence?

All of the projects we have selected for the programme have to date been based locally. This is however only a product of the origin of the majority of our applications and the geography of IESE’s primary contacts. Any international project that wishes to apply will need to demonstrate a willingness to travel and communicate sufficiently to allow the programme to run effectively, but otherwise will be considered on an equal basis.

Is there an implementation phase, or is it just strategic?

Yes! We run two phases per year depending upon the suitability of your project. The initial strategy phase runs in autumn, then a followup implementation phase runs in the following spring. There is no need to take part in both phases.

How are the product applications evaluated?

All applications are evaluated on a combination of three main criteria.

  1. Technical feasibility
  2. Need for strategic input and willingness to work with MBA team
  3. Ability to provide data/access to enable MBA teams to help

Do you also accept highly technical projects?

Yes, of course. See our Success Stories page for examples.

Do you offer Spanish support?

Yes. If Spanish language support is a requirement for your project, let us know in your expression of interest form.


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