Eligibility and selection

This program has been designed to attract staff from R&D centers and technological companies working in the FET space who have already generated Intellectual Property (IP) out of their research activities. The proposed ideas should be TRL6-8, and have at a minimum been developed and tested enough to start moving into a phase of commercial product development.


Conditions for eligibility

  1. The proposed product in the program must have, at a minimum, a functioning prototype in order to participate. This program is not a technology development platform and can only work with a functioning product. During the program it is likely that the look and feel of the product might change, however, the underlying technology must be proven to work before entering into the BTTG program.
  2. In order for a product to enter BTTG, at least one of the founding inventors must participate, or minimally, someone with intimate knowledge of the product with the capability to modify it as needed.
  3. The participants should be willing to participate throughout the whole duration of the program.
  4. The participants should commit to collaborate in good faith and be flexible to take on board constructive ideas throughout the duration of the project so as to be in line with the objectives of the program.

Selection process

  1. An expression of interest for can be filled out here. You can feel free to fill this out at any time during the year, however for consideration for the spring 2019 implementation programme it is recommended that this is completed by 21st December.
  2. Companies will be informed by 7th January if they have a space in the spring 2019 programme.