Hi-Tech Start-up Pitch – 10th April 2019

IESE Business School with the support of ACCIÓ


BTTG Spring 2019 phase is coming to an end, and we’re excited to see the progress the teams have made working together for the last 2-3 months!

The final workshop will take place on April 10th’s afternoon and will feature a student-led pitch with feedback from a small group of investors. Learn more about our participant companies below.

If you want to come please register your attendance here, more detailed information about the event will be shared personally by email – looking forward to seeing you there!




Increased attention has been paid to the role of non-cognitive traits in defining individual future success and in the power of education to affect such traits. Givme5 plan is to offer an application to help schools with advanced educational practices to evaluate non-cognitive skills through tangible behavioural indicators. The mobile app plus and administrator web application will be the first tools to offer specific behavioural indicators to professors for their evaluation at class, plus tools for students for self-evaluation and comparison to professors and families evaluations.


While more than a quarter of global energy consumption is absorbed by buildings, most of this energy is used for air conditioning, in this contest windows are the main energy dispersion source. SUNDANCING has been exploiting the major technological achievements in the fields of nanomaterials for dynamic solar control and thermal storage to boost the market up-taking of a new generation of self-adaptive multifunction glazed facades capable of intelligently responding to daily and seasonal sunlight variations by selectively regulating the visible (VIS) light transmittance and the thermal transmittance.

The global plant-based meat substitutes market is experiencing an exponential growth. Novameat developed and patented a novel micro-extrusion technology that allows them to develop and commercialize 3D-printable plant-based edible formulations for food printing applications (in the form of food-inks), and plant-based meat analogues (as finished products). These products create great value to the current alternatives and could be commercialized in combination with a food 3D printer, to both restaurants, hospitals, research centers and retail.

Our goal is to provide a Software-as-a-Service platform for industrial material discovery based on the best atomistic modelling codes and easy-to-use high-level tools that simplify the use of atomistic simulations in the cloud.   Possible fields of application are the pharmaceutical and life science industry, nanoscience industry, semiconductor industry, or chemical industry, to name just a few. We are currently focused on the chemical industry for Oil & Gas, which needs to develop greener and more effective additives for oil extraction and transformation.

MARCO – Finboot
Through MARCO, Finboot helps companies easily use and integrate Blockchain into their operations. Our mission is fill the gap between the technology and its business applications, simplifying the interaction with Blockchain by delivering scalable applications across industries. MARCO provides all the resources needed for these applications, in addition to a dashboard-like environment to monitor their use

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