Announcement of BTTG 2018 Participants!

After receiving a record number of applicants this year, we are excited to announce the 5 projects below as the participants for the 2018 BTTG programme!

Agro.aiSuez aims to define a portfolio of services based on the exploitation of state-of-the-art Computer Vision techniques in the farming and agriculture domain. The underlying technological stack is based on the combination of three of the most relevant digital innovations happening right now: AI, Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). The robust capabilities provided by these key components (and their open-source cost models) enable a new and promising scenario for distributed, low-latency and low-cost Computer Vision and video processing services.

ATOMSIM’s goal is to provide a Software-as-a-Service platform for industrial material discovery based on the best atomistic modelling codes and easy-to-use high-level tools that simplify the use of atomistic simulations in the cloud. Possible fields of application are the pharmaceutical and life science industry, nanoscience industry, semiconductor industry, or chemical industry, to name just a few. They are currently focused on the chemical industry for Oil & Gas, which needs to develop greener and more effective additives for oil extraction and transformation.

Dermoglass IBEC
Dermoglass is focused on the production and evaluation of a regenerative wound dressing to repair skin wounds. These dressings or gauzes carry embedded nanoparticles (particles so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye), which dissolve and stimulate skin self-regeneration. In order to reach patients, we need to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of these dressings by means of preclinical studies using animal models. After demonstrating their safety and effectiveness the technology can be transferred to the patients

MARCO finboot
Through MARCO, Finboot helps companies easily use and integrate Blockchain into their operations. Our mission is fill the gap between the technology and its business applications, simplifying the interaction with Blockchain by delivering scalable applications across industries. MARCO provides all the resources needed for these applications, in addition to a dashboard-like environment to monitor their use.

Mocca Technology UPC
Drones are a growing worldwide business, delivering services in all environments, including urban areas. Mapping, infrastructure inspections, precision agriculture, delivery of goods through e-commerce are just some of the potential services. Mocca will solve the communication limitations of nowadays drones, facilitating their insertion into the Mobile Network, worldwide. Mocca offers a solution designed from the drone operator point of view, with a deep understanding of current and future drone requirements and limitations, and of the aeronautical regulations.

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